Our Bond with Water

A deep connection with the water we grew up on moves us to consider carefully what we design, the role our products play in such a pristine environment, and even the people we partner with.

While our land stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic — with rivers, lakes and beaches throughout — water does more than connect us. It rejuvenates and inspires us. We love our lakes and beaches enough to name our products after them.

Our Design is Inspired by Nature

Nature is our starting point. Sit with us on a rock at Beau Lake and you’ll see a spectrum of colors and shapes evolve and transform all around you. And instead of motors, you’ll hear the ducks and the geese. Nature is the catalyst for and the essence of everything we design.

We take the utmost care in design, quality and craftsmanship. All of our products blend vintage aesthetics with high performance for a timeless elegance designed to enhance your waterside experience.

Learn more about Beau Lakes by reading a Q&A with Lee Kline, our Co-founder and Design Director.

Meet Your Neighbours

Lee Kline

Co-founder, Design Director

Entrepreneur, award-winning designer, materials explorer, mad scientist, and sailor. When Lee wasn’t busy crafting artwork, jewellery, musical instruments, or furniture, he spent his youth sailing the waters of southern Ontario, starting with mid-century wooden dinghies on Lake Simcoe and graduating to sailboats on Lake Ontario. The material combinations of the wooden-hulled boats of his childhood, and the modern fiberglass boats he would sail later on, left a lasting impression on Lee’s design sensibilities. An instinctual love for wood and fine cabinetmaking eventually led to explorations in cast metals and molded fiberglass. From there, Lee would challenge himself with all manner of interesting projects. After over thirty years of experimentation, Lee returns to his first love: the water and all things at harmony with the elements.

Paul Lavoie

Co-Founder, Brand Vision

Entrepreneur, advertising executive, designer, film director, and lover of lakes. Paul’s toes were dipped in a fresh Canadian lake before he was a month old, and this is still where he finds his senses, his compass, his energy, his inspiration, his joy and, most importantly, his family. That’s why Paul is drawn to Beau Lake, and why he wants to share this experience with the world.

Marnie Herald

Social Media and Event Director

A firm believer in DIY at least once, Marnie has filled her home with custom window benches and kilim cushions, a dining table made from recycled wood, home-thrown dishware, handmade books, and vintage guitars. Every piece has a story. Her love of mid-century design makes for an eclectic home reminiscent of long summers spent at the cottage. Marnie balances mornings on the water and hiking with her dog, with creating compelling stories for fashion brands as a freelance marketing director.

Julien Fillion


Julien's stature as a professional kiteboarder, standup paddle boarder, designer and former rock musician is tempered by an easygoing, laid-back attitude that fits right in at Beau Lake. Julien’s travels in search of the biggest waves have fueled his passion for designing cutting edge water sports equipment like the lightning fast paddle board he co-created with Lee Kline: our very own Rapid. When he’s not kiteboarding above the waves, surfing along them, or flying through the air in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, Julien comes back down to Earth just long enough to enjoy a nice, calm paddle across the lake.

Jordan Herald

Investor Advisor

Jordan inherited his love for adventure, wilderness lakes, wooden boats, and traditional outdoor gear from his grandfather, George. Traveling through life with his wife, keelboat sailing, and backcountry canoe tripping all inspire Jordan to blend expedition-grade utility with timeless beauty in his designs for Beau Lake.

Steve Killing

Boat Designer

After seven formative years at C&C Yachts design group in Canada, Steve started his own company, Steve Killing Yacht Design. At first, Steve specialized in sailboats, but over the years he has applied his sharp design skills, elegant problem solving and refined aesthetic to many types of vessels.

While his high profile work has featured in the America’s Cup and the World Cup, Steve still looks for interesting opportunities regardless of scale that allow him to research and apply new technology and new ideas.

We were very fortunate to have Steve onboard to design the hull of our very own Beau Lake Pedal Boat.

Jean Belanger

Investor Advisor

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Jean became an entrepreneur, inventor, mentor, and technology leader. His love for the water started when he was thrown into the first lake he ever saw — Blue Sea Lake. Jean grew up spending his summers on the lake, becoming an avid swimmer and water polo player. His evenings were spent watching the sun sink into the horizon. Now with Beau Lake, Jean hopes to share the joys of lakeside living with the rest of the world.

Tony McKillop

Western Regional Sales

A craftsman and a perfectionist. Tony has spent 25 years in real estate development and construction, crafting homes and exporting materials from Canada to Japan. His own unwavering work ethic serves to instil standards among the teams of professionals and trades he leads. For Tony, there are no boundaries between work and play, where he excels in Cross Fit training and competes at the highest level on an ongoing basis. Active in water sports, he has become immersed in Vancouver sup culture and competition. Tony first hopped on a Beau Lake board in Costa Rica. Ever since, he has keenly shared the crafted beauty and water sport thrill of the experience with friends and colleagues around the world.

The Beau Lake Community

As far as we’re concerned, you’re already neighbours of Beau Lake. We invite you to post your favourite Beau Lake–inspired shots and share your stories on our social media, and send your suggestions for an even better Beau Lake experience.

Dealers & Resorts

For all dealer and resorts inquries please contact Philip Levy at 289-291-7734 or philip@beaulake.com. You can also download our catalogue here.


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