The Great Lakes Chair - Natural Oiled
The Great Lakes Chair - Natural Oiled
The Great Lakes Chair - Natural Oiled

The Great Lakes Chair

Natural Oiled


In redesigning the iconic Adirondack chair, we honoured its quintessential elements while adding unique structural improvements, refined elegance and some thoughtful details. Beau Lake is proud to offer this chair in durable Black Locust — the fastest growing hardwood in the world, and so popular that it’s actually taking the stress off of the Brazilian rainforest.

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  • Dimensions

    35" wide - 36" deep - 38" tall

    68 lbs / 30.85 kgs

  • Seat Area
    21.25" wide


While the seat slope, back pitch, and horizontal arms remain unchanged, the front legs are rotated to give the chair an emboldened forward stance, almost like a bulldog. We’ve enhanced the rigidity by linking the back legs with a curve to match the seat back and strong finger joint connections. In the spirit of longevity — and in the tradition of ancient Japanese shipbuilders — we’ve also put a wooden nail through the joint.

Support behind the seat back is also superior to typical chairs due to a shaped support that is finger-jointed into the arms. The effect is gorgeous and highlights some very sophisticated woodworking techniques.

All hardware is marine grade stainless steel--all of which are flush recessed into the wood for a streamlined aesthetic that is built to last.  


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