Village Living Magazine - "Beau Lake Beauty"

Village Living Magazine - "Beau Lake Beauty"

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The chair of the summer

If quaint charm is as important to you as comfort, relaxation, and sustainability, The Great Lakes Chair, by Beau Lake (, is grandeur at its greatest, and a good fit (literally) for any cottager’s tush.

Fine Finishes

Available in two finishes, natural oiled and carbonised oiled, at *$1,600 each, this lounge luxury is quintessential cottage charm with a rare modern twist added to the mix by way of raw materials and redesign.

Referencing the main design elements of the popular Adirondack chair, the Beau Lake beauty uncommonly uses black locust – a wood which grows to as much as six feet in its first year – in place of materials, such as teak, cedar, pine and oak used in the original chair’s design.

Redesign Results

The results aren’t visible in the redesign alone, but, also, in the fact that the black locust has tremendous potential to quickly reforest deforested regions.

In addition, it is resistant to decay because of a high concentration of tyloses, which make its cells watertight. 

Summer Style

While not veering too far from the original design details of its popular predecessor, the statement-making Great Lakes Chair is an awesome, eco-friendly addition to a back garden or front porch, proving worthy of summer barbecues, bonfires, marshmallow roasts, and lakeside lounging.