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The Newport 11' iSUP

The Newport 11' iSUP is designed to the timeless, nautical standards of a life at sea. And for a limited time, receive free shipping anywhere in North America.




In a nod to the origins of surfing - and in the uncharacteristic fashion of a traditional paddleboard - The Tremblant features a clear non-slip finish that offers the rider comfortable stability on the water without compromising the board's vintage aesthetic.

With its glistening veneer of walnut and holly on full display, this board evokes a modest prestige befitting riders from Lake Como to Lac Echo.

The Muskoka is the perfect balance between performance (for those who seek it) and leisure (for everyone else). While the width affords its rider a heightened stability, the length and piercing nose allow you to cut more seamlessly through light surf, and these features combine to form a board built for just about any lifestyle.

The custom layup of maple and holly adorning the upper deck is a clear tribute to our Canadian heritage, as well as a nod to the mid-century lake runabouts that inspired our brand at the onset.

Available in three nautical colors, The Muskoka looks good anywhere. It is as much at home on a boathouse wall as it is cruising on your nearest lake.

The water is calling.

A vibrant Italian Rosewood wraps around all sides of this board in an homage to the guitars that defined an era on the west coast of the United States. A sunburst finish is the exclamation point on a design inspired by the rock and roll movement.

The Malibu is something of a megaphone. It exists to amplify the call of the water and bring people to its shores.

A portion of all profit from the sale of this board will be donated to non-profit charities dedicated to the improved access and sanitation of our water systems around the world.

The Rapid is aptly named after a lake bearing the same name in the Outaouais region of Quebec. The water here runs quick.

Our goal with this touring board was to introduce a lengthy model for the more adventurous rider that looks as good as it performs. The piercing shape is built from premium carbon fiber to create a lightweight, yet durable board that will allow riders to navigate a light surf along the coast as easily a still lake upstate.

The length of the upper deck features a brilliant macassar veneer native to North America. The combination of this wood and the deeply black carbon body form a one-of-a-kind watercraft - proudly designed and constructed in Canada.

The Newport boasts an industry-leading pressure rating at 15 PSI. High-density drop stitch and triple-reinforced navy rails made from marine-grade PVC provide maximum durability and tear-resistance, which means you can paddle with more confidence wherever the water calls you.

As stable as it is refined, this 11’ luxury iSUP provides both balance for morning yoga and stylish comfort for just soaking in the sun atop your favorite lake. Its strength supports riders of up to 265 lbs.

The Newport also comes with everything you need to get moving on the water. Our lightweight and collapsible carbon fiber paddle features a telescopic handle to support riders of any height. The dual-action pump is built with two chambers and two settings to make inflation easier and more comfortable as you approach our top pressure rating. We also included a repair kit in the rare instance of tearing along the rails or floor of your board. And all of the above comes wrapped in an elegant travel bag equipped with both shoulder straps for easy beach access and roller wheels for the dock.

From that city that brought us the historic Newport Jazz Festival, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the latest addition to our paddleboard collection, The Newport.

Adventurous by nature, the two brands are proud to unveil a new limited-edition water package, available to just 100 people. The lucky few will receive the new Diver Chronometer 44mm timepiece emboldened with the Beau Lake logo and a luxury iSUP featuring Ulysse Nardin branding for $11,900 USD.

The latest edition to the well-established Diver Chronometer collection is the Ulysse Nardin x Beau Lake Limited Edition timepiece. Steeped in history, the 44mm diver watch incorporates design elements from the original Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometers. The chronometer is presented on a blue rubber strap with Beau Lake featured on the titanium accent plate.

On the other side of this package is the iSUP itself, which can be purchased as a package with the chronometer through or on its own here. This all-new iSUP combines timeless design with performance through modern manufacturing. We have applied newly developed double-layer drop stitch fusion technology and marine-grade PVC to create a beautifully nautical paddleboard that is lighter, stronger and more responsive than ever before.

This iSUP package comes with a co-branded paddleboard, triple-action pump, fin, leash, collapsible carbon fiber paddle and repair kit, all of which are delivered in a versatile travel bag that is as elegant as the board is robust. To accommodate any path to the water, the travel bag is equipped with wheels for rolling dockside and shoulder straps for easy beach transport.

No matter how small such flaws might appear to the undisciplined eye, we will always honor our commitment to quality. And so, if you have been looking to add a luxury paddleboard by Beau Lake to your home, there is no better time to invest in your leisure than right now and in this collection.

This is a very limited selection of imperfect boards, and so this is a very limited sale. Valid while select models are available. Standard shipping rates still apply.

For more information on these imperfections, reach out to to see if one of these models is right for you.