The Daily Want - "Beau Lake Paddleboards Are Like Luxury Boats For Your Feet"

The Daily Want - "Beau Lake Paddleboards Are Like Luxury Boats For Your Feet"

Paddle boarding is a great way to get out on the water without the need for an expensive boat or the equipment needed to haul it. It is also a great workout and a lot of fun. It’s no wonder paddle boarding is catching on around the country as a new favorite pastime. Sure, you could try it on any old board, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, hop on one of these stylish Beau Lake paddleboards and get a taste of luxury.

On first glance, you can tell that these boards are well-made. Not only do they shine like a polished car interior, they have a super cool decking look like they might have just been pulled from the deck of a yacht. Beau Lake offers an assortment of different board styles depending on your style preference and the performance you need. All of their boards are made with performance materials like fiberglass and epoxy resins with real wood coated in a highly-polished polyurethane UV-protected topcoat. Their boards all come with a free travel bag as well.

The Muskoka is a classic. It is 11’6” and features real mahogany. It is wide for stability and is great for casual cruising. This board looks great on the wall or on a beautiful lake. Get it with navy, black, or cream trim.

The Tremblant pays tribute to classic, old-school surfing. The deck pad is removed so your feet connect with the natural materials of the board.

The Rapid has a sleek design and a pointed nose with a flat bottom. It is both ultra-fast and ultra-fun. This board is real Macassar ebony wood.

Give these awesome boards a look and see the other awesome features and designs Beau Lake offers. Buy Here