Stupid Dope - "Classic Inspirations! The Beau Lake Pedal Boat"

The good folks over at Beau Lake are known for their craftsmanship and their beautiful water-based creations. Today Beau Lake returns with a look at their latest creation, the Beau Lake Pedal Boat. This beautiful boat comes inspired by mid-20th Century wooden crafts, adding a touch of luxury and historical look that makes for something quite unique. The boat features a self-draining molded fiberglass tunnel hull, which was created with help from a designer of America’s Cup boats.

Other details include an inlaid veneer deck and a stainless steel driveshaft that transforms pedal energy into propeller movement. The design is a step up from the injection-molded plastic pedal boats we’ve all seen. Beau Lake’s boat features one-inch thick leather seat covers and a compartmentalized cooler that seamlessly fits with the boat.

Have a look at this sleek and stylish vessel in the images below and head over to Beau Lake to learn more immediately.

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