Lux Exposé - "This is the World's Most Expensive Pedal Boat"

Luxury design company Beau Lake has unveiled its revolutionary Runabout pedal boat, the $20,000 price tag of which makes it the most expensive pedal boat in the world. It combines the beauty and mystique of classic wooden boat aesthetics and is orientated to eco-conscious audience.

This Is the World's Most Expensive Pedal Boat

The Runabout is a self-draining pedal boat that consists of three primary construction components, including the hull, cockpit liner and deck surface, while an ergonomically designed, hand-carved wooden tiller with joystick component steers its course.

This Is the World's Most Expensive Pedal Boat

Built for excursions, sunset cruises and lake explorations, the Runabout’s molded fiberglass body, inlaid veneer deck and beautifully finished stainless steel castings and hardware invoke the essence of a Beau Lake state of mind. Added luxury includes one-inch thick leather seat covers that snap off for easy storage and a compartmentalized cooler that contours to the boat.

The idea of wood fiber glass and stainless steel coming together for me is just a dream. The team balanced those exquisite crafted details while ensuring the boat required no maintenance—from the wood veneer-infused fiberglass deck to the stitched nautical leather slipcovers that are easily removed and stowed in the boat house when it rains. Runabout also self-bails during a storm, so there’s no labored efforts, only the classy glissade into leisure’s civilized pastime…with a cooler. – Lee Kline

This Is the World's Most Expensive Pedal Boat

Co-founders of Beau Lake, Paul Lavoie and Lee Kline, spent 18 months to develop the Runabout. The company was working closely with Canadian yacht design legend Steve Killing for the technical parts.


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