Beau Lake Featured in The New York Times

Beau Lake Featured in The New York Times

Section of the following text are taken as originally published in The New York Times by Roberta Naas on January 18, 2023 under the title "When Watches Team up with Paddle Boards, Skis and Motorcycles"

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New York City, New York – “It’s about making the connection with the right company that can tell your story in a new way and that is willing to co-brand so that we reach each other’s customers as well,” François-Xavier Hotier, president of Ulysse Nardin Americas, said during a video interview from Miami. “If done properly, it is a win-win.”

Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss company whose history is rooted in creating chronometers and marine-inspired watches, recently announced a new water-related connection: the joint branding with the Canadian company Beau Lake of a limited edition of 100 inflatable stand-up paddle boards and matching watches.

Paul Lavoie, the founder and chief executive of Beau Lake, said by phone that his company had done other collaborations but had never included another brand’s logo.
“Our mantra is ‘the water is calling.’ It is a reference to water issues around the world as well as to our love of water,” he said. “The Ulysse Nardin logo is an anchor, and it fits our message beautifully. These collaborations are all about raising our visibility, creating awareness and tapping into a new customer for both brands involved.”
This was not the first Ulysse Nardin collaboration with Beau Lake. According to Mr. Hotier, the two had co-produced 10 vintage-inspired wooden paddle boards in 2021 that sold out in a day.