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Roberts Magazine - "The Paddleboard"

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Beau Lake, a company bringing luxury to waterside sport and recreation, emphasizes performance and design in all its products.

Beau Lake succeeded in developing a line of high-performance paddleboards with natural and elegant finishes

The hand-shaped Muskoka board, with its highly polished UV protected polyurethane topcoat, features a custom layup of mahogany and maple, while the clear grip surface and contemporary design of the Tremblant board connect riders, both physically and visually, with the board’s natural materials.
“There is an ever-present sport motif in weekend watercraft, and our goal with Beau Lake has been to infuse design and fashion into the category,” says co-founder and design director Lee Kline. “In terms of our paddleboard collection, that meant replacing the purely sporty design with an inspired, vintage look.”Kline worked with renowned boarder and designer Julien Fillion on the 14-foot Rapid board, the latest Beau Lake paddleboard. Designed as a weekend racer, Rapid’s carbon fibre and Macassar ebony wood construction, along with its piercing hatchet nose design and flat bottom, make it ultra-fast. The unique craftsmanship of Beau Lake paddleboards extends to their intricate chrome detailing, while the company’s paddle designs, featuring classic woods and lightweight carbon fiber, further enhance the experience and provide precision control on the water.


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