Let's End the Real Thirst

Access-to-Water Bottle

TORONTO - Beau Lake and their agency partner, Open, are hijacking the social media terms “thirst trap” and “thirsty” to bring awareness to what being thirsty truly means to the 771 million people without access to safe water.


In use for the past decade or so, “thirst trap” is a colloquialism that refers to photos on social media that demonstrate a need for attention. The people who post such photos are often dismissed as “thirsty.”

The new effort is designed to raise awareness of the Beau Lake “Access-To-Water Bottle” and the global water crisis. Thanks to a partnership with Water.org, a global non-profit working to bring safe water and sanitation to the world, sales from each Access-To-Water Bottle will provide safe water to an entire family in need for the next 20 years. One bottle. No profit. Twenty years of safe water.

“We believe water is the real luxury of our lifetime. Protecting and sharing it is our greatest calling. This bottle is just one of the ways we hope to make a real difference in the global water crisis alongside our charitable partners. This is only the beginning.” - Brad Ariss, Marketing Manager

To purchase a bottle and support the cause, you can do so here.


Open Creative Agency

Founded in Toronto by Christian Mathieu and Martin Beauvais, Open is a creative company focusing on strategy, advertising and design. Open has done work for a range of clients including Twitter, SMYTHE, Damiva, Food Basics (METRO), Metro eCommerce, Penguin PickUp and Amplifon.