The Rapid 14' SUP

While the length, shape and piercing nose of this model already justify the name, sometimes seeing is believing.


Style: Touring
Composition: Carbon Fiber
Length: 14’ / 427 cm
Width: 26 “ / 66.0 cm
Thickness: 8.5 in / 31.6 cm
Volume: 74.0 GL / 280 L
Board Weight: 29 lb / 13.1 kg
Max Rider Weight: 275 lb / 125 kg


The Rapid is aptly named after a lake bearing the same name in the Outaouais region of Quebec. The water here runs quick.

Our goal with this touring board was to introduce a lengthy model for the more adventurous rider that looks as good as it performs. The piercing shape is built from premium carbon fiber to create a lightweight, yet durable board that will allow riders to navigate a light surf along the coast as easily a still lake upstate.

The length of the upper deck features a brilliant macassar veneer native to North America. The combination of this wood and the deeply black carbon body form a one-of-a-kind watercraft - proudly designed and constructed in Canada.